Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear
— Iris Apfel

We could say it all started with an apprenticeship in a busy West-End workshop, where Luke learned all aspects of jewellery making from a Master Jeweller before becoming workshop manager himself. In reality, it started a lot earlier. Even as a child Luke was hypnotised by art and the beauty of the natural world. 

After thriving at school with Design Technology, Maths and Art, Luke pursued Graphic Design and Photography at college. He was interested in pursuing an Architecture degree when he was offered an apprenticeship to a jeweller. By chance, an opportunity arose where all the elements of design Luke had practiced came together. Today, Luke crafts his jewellery with mathematic precision, uses bold, architectural forms and his artist’s eye all at once.  

Luke’s career took off when working for a small jewellery company. After thirteen years of developing his techniques, Luke’s Canterbury atelier opened in March 2011 and began focusing on bespoke one-off pieces, along with commissions and the remodeling of existing jewellery.

For Luke, jewellery making is about creating incredible, original pieces, breaking the boundaries of conventional design and being innovative. Each bespoke item can take months to make, as details are tweaked and the design is elevated with each turn it takes. Having rediscovered his childhood fascination for coloured stones, he has become one of the few talented jewellery designers today who is daring enough to play with both rich colours and unique shapes.  

While most art stands apart from us, accessible only through the eyes, Luke’s jewellery is a way of wearing art. Jewellery only comes alive when it is worn, when its weight rests against skin, when earrings sway with the tilt of the head and a necklace which rests near the heart reminds one of a place, person or experience. It is truly a luxury to own and wear handcrafted jewellery.

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Luke Goldsmith